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Dr Hafeez Siyal illegally uses Chief Secretary’s powers, bypasses ECP ban



KARACHI: It seems that the ban imposed by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) falls on deaf ears, the Sindh Government officers are blatantly violating the ban by still doing transfer and postings of seniors officials allegedly in return of heavy bribes, it is learnt.

In the recent days, caretaker chief minister Sindh had cancelled a number of transfer and postings orders in the irrigation department however the powerful mafia within the Sindh’s livestock and fisheries department are openly violating the orders.

Dr Hafeez Ahmed Siyal, Secretary of the Livestock and Fisheries Department allegedly with the help of his blue-eyed boy Dr Abdul Manan Khokhar, a veterinary doctor who is supposed to be doing his job in the field hospital, is involved massive reshuffle in the department in return of heavy commission and bribes.

Most interestingly, in many cases, the secretary livestock and fisheries are using the powers of the chief executive of the province – Chief Secretary – by transferring BS-19 officers. Under the rules, Chief Secretary is the only authority who could issue transfer and posting of officers above BS-18.

Among others, the secretary livestock and fisheries has authorized DDO powers to BS-19 officers on August 22, 2023 despite the ban imposed by the ECP aimed at ensuring free and fair elections in the country.

According to sources, Dr Abdul Manan Khokhar has become strong mafia who is enjoying perks and privileges, involved in administrative issues of the department etc.

With the strong backing, Dr Abdul Manan is targeting his senior officers, launching negative campaigns against his seniors and many more.

Recently, a BS-18 officer namely Dr Asadullah Soomro has been posted as Deputy Secretary, Livestock and Fisheries Department who has been denied proper office, an official vehicle and other official protocol allegedly by Mr Manan, sources claimed.

Besides this, the senior officials also complained that Dr Abdul Manan Khokhar has been illegally interfering into the administrative matters of the department and no secretary is ready to take action against him or send him back to field job.

When contacted, Dr Abdul Manan Khokhar told this scribe: “Great. I will be thankful if reverse back”.


Rashid Ansari – Mafia of Sindh’s mines and minerals!



KARACHI: The multi-billions dollar mines and minerals spread across the Sindh province are presently under clutches of a powerful person who is himself a One-Man Mafia, compelling all his officials to bow-down before him.

Rashid Ansari has become a symbol of threat to almost every official working at the Directorate General of Mines and Mineral Development Department, Government of Sindh for the last couple of years. And, nobody is willing to take action against his massive corrupt practices involving billions of rupees, sources confided to Sindhnews.

Sindh’s caretaker minister for mines and minerals Mir Khuda Bux Marri took bold step and initiated multiple inquiries against him, suspending him from the post of Deputy Director (Technical), Mines and Mineral Development Department, sources disclosed.

While taking stern notice of the situation and malpractices, Chief Secretary Sindh Dr Muhammad Fakhre Alam issued a notification suspending Rashid Ansari immediately for 90 days.

“In exercise of powers conferred by Rule-5(1) of the Sindh Civil Servants (Efficiency & Disciplines) Rules, 1973, the services of Mr Rashid Ansari, Deputy Director (Tech) (BS-18), Directorate General, Mines and Mineral Development Department are hereby placed under suspension for 90-days with immediate effect, on account of misconduct”, according to a letter exclusively available with Sindhnews.

“During the period of suspension, the headquarters of the aforementioned officer shall be at the Mines and Mineral Development Department. He shall draw pay and allowances, during the period of suspension, as admissible under the rule”, the notification adds.

Sindhnews repeatedly tried to contact Rashid Ansari for his official version however his cell phone remained unattended till filing of the report.

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DG Khadim Hussain refuses to grant mining leases to relatives of caretaker minister



KARACHI: Making it for the first time, Director General, Directorate General of Mines and Minerals, Government of Sindh, has refused to grant mining leases illegally to the relatives of Sindh’s caretaker minister Mir Khuda Marri, it is learnt.

The insiders told Sindhnews that the caretaker minister was allegedly pressuring the DG Khadim Hussain Channa to grant more than 11 mining leases to brothers and relatives of the minister.

However, Mr Channa clearly refused to obey his orders resultantly the caretaker minister had a clash of worth with the senior officer, sources disclosed.

Soon after the clash, caretaker minister Khuda Bux Marri refrained the officer from attending the office and roaming the influential circle to get the officer transferred, the sources said, adding that caretaker minister had also requested the caretaker chief minister Sindh to transfer the officer.

So far, more than 20 mining leases have been granted to the close relatives of Mir Khuda Bux Marri however not a single lease granted to anyone after the decision of the Sindh High Court.

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CLICK Mafia – World Bank’s $23 million becomes useless  



KARACHI: As the officers of the Sindh Government are used to of minting money, the assistance/loan of around US $ 23 million has also been fallen victim of corruption as the schemes initiated under Competitive and Livable City of Karachi (CLICK) project have been declared ‘substandard’.

The CLICK project is proposed to be financed by the World Bank’s loan under Investment Project Financing (IPF) and the Sindh government.

As per details, the monitoring team of the Planning & Development Department unearthed over Rs 32 billion embezzlement in the development schemes under the World Bank’s CLICK project in Karachi.

The team monitored 157 schemes in the first phase and 100 schemes were declared substandard whereas the report also revealed the use of old paver in the road construction. Moreover, the planning and development department has informed the World Bank about the substandard work in Sindh’s CLICK project.

It is pertinent to mention here that last year massive corruption and irregularities were unearthed in the sale of expensive KMC in Karachi’s Baldia West in which 4-acre land was sold via ‘fake challan’.The irregularities were unearthed in the sale of KMC land in Orangi’s Gulshan-e-Zia.

The four-acre land of a workshop and nursery was sold via fake challan with the nexus of a project director. Sources said that the land was used to bury the offal and waste of animals from 2004 to 2016.

The land came under the administration of KMC Baldia West section after the enforcement of the Town Municipal system in 2002.The market value of the said KMC land is more than Rs1 billion which was allegedly sold at extremely low prices via fake challan with the nexus of a project director.

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